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English and Western Riding Program
Lessons Can Now Be Taken Everyday Of The Week
Horse Shows: English Every Wednesday & Sunday -
Western often Friday, Saturday, Sundays
Local and Out of State Shows

Horse Riding Lessons

Lesson’s Only

ONE 30 minute PRIVATE LESSON $55
Great packages for Beginners to Advanced
Most Popular Program


Four (4) 30 minute PRIVATE Lessons (D) taking one a week $140
plus $15 to the trainer when you lesson total $ 200 makes each lesson $50 each save $20
Advanced riders when approved can groom and tack up on their own and come early.

You have 5 days past the end of the month to make up your lessons or you lost them.
You need to pay For the next month's lesson to finish up previous lessons. No Carry over
Lesson payment is due by the 1st of the month
1 HOUR PRIVATE four (4) a month $200 plus Trainer Fee per Lesson $25.00
total $300 or $75 each (out of the package $85)
save $40

Unlimited Lesson Program (C)

(for riders with lots of time)
Unlimited 30 minute lessons only $250 a month (C)
and $15 or $20 to the trainer when you lesson,
come 2,3,4,5 times a week all month (limit one a day ) come in 10 minutes before
lesson to groom and tack only if approved

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NEW 6 and under grooming/horsemanship program

$40 - 30 minutes when paid $100 to Outlaw Acre and $15 to the trainer total $160 save $20 out
of program $45 15 minutes grooming and 15 minutes riding.
If you want more riding time you need to move up to the regular package

Boarders Lessons Unlimited

$140 a month unlimited 30 minute lessons
$15 to the trainer take 1,2,3,4 or more with numerous trainers
If you need an hour lesson its $200 a month and $25 to the trainer
Regular one at a time lesson ½ hour private $55 $40 to farm $15 to trainer

Rules below

Please be on Time or it's out of your lesson time
You pay the last lesson of the month for the following month so we can schedule
If not all lessons and lease are due the 1st of the month see Pay Pal
or if not paid the 1st the price is $160 not $140 lesson package
and to lease $350 not $300
and unlimited $275 not $250
Call to cancel a lesson at least 6 hours before, or you lose the lesson. If the trainer has you in
The book with no notice to cancel you lost the lesson for a no show.


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New Ladies & Mens Riding Club

Two hours of grooming, riding with other Ladies during the week $50
pay the trainer direct
Make a group or join a group Monday to Friday
Weekends $60 Pay the trainer direct
Arrange a group 3 or more or join a group
a group of two is same price and only one hour.

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Horse Riding Clubs

Ranch Rides

Ranch Ride $50 two hours during the week $60 on weekends
paid to the trainer
Two hours of Grooming, Tacking and Riding
Weekdays open times a few days a week call for info
Saturday and Sunday am 10:00 or call for your own group
Our Wrangler will have you get your horse
Groom Tack Up
Ride with the fellow Ranch Riders
Un-tack, Groom and put away your horse
It's an informal lesson , more of a get together and everyone can hang out with us after
their Ride for some refreshments, cake, bagels, coffee, juice, Ice Tea
This is a inexpensive way to get back into horse back riding or if this is your first
time we will take special care of you and take it one step at a time.
As you progress you can go off on your own to do some riding
or take a private one on one lesson in

Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Ranch Pleasure, Trail Obstacles,
Barrels and Poles, English Equitation
Hunter Jumper/Hunter Under Saddle , Reining and Dressage



Deluxe Unlimited Monthly Lesson and Riding Package $300 (A):
(this price is for folks coming 12 months a year )
Includes: Unlimited Lessons & Rides a week Price For This Package:
$300 a month 12 months a year.
Trainer Fee Per Lesson $15 to $20

( and shoes are your responsibility for your main horse )
Folks riding all year get use of all horses that fit their ability
So you can ride even twice a day if you are in our 12 months a year plan .
Riders can stay all day at the farm in this program and lesson and ride in the same day
ONCE you STOP paying you are out of the program and it is $350
and higher Show fees

Month to Month only - Monthly lesson and Riding Package $350 (B):

Includes: unlimited riding and unlimited lessons. You can take a lesson or ride
once a day. This includes multiple horses but limited to one a day. You pay the
trainer $15 when you take a lesson (you are not responsible for shoes unless
you are showing ) and Show fees are slightly higher when in this program
compared to the deluxe program above , See show fees below. This is for folks
that don't ride 12 months a year and still want to have numerous riding time and lessons

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Horse Shows


Horse Show Fees For Deluxe Package Riders (A)
(see lease package A )
Horse Show Lease $125 per day
minimum 4 shows no maximum do all you want
Horse Transportation $60 cash day before show.

Management makes trailer arrangements
out of the area $100 for the first 50 miles then $.50/mile
Trainer Fee $50 to $75 per day see trainer.

Horse Show Fees For those in Month to Month Package (B)
(see package B )
Horse show lease $200, (minimum shows a year same as above no maximum do all you want)
Less than minimum shows $250 a show Horse Transportation $60
cash that day out . out of area $100 for the first 50 miles then
$.50/mile , Trainer show fee $50 to $75 see trainer
You pay for shoes while showing in this package March to October.

Show Fee for those in Unlimited Monthly Lesson Package ( C)
(see package C for more info)
Horse show lease $225 a show (ask on minimum shows a year no maximum do all you want) .
You pay for shoes while showing March to October
and Trainer Fee $50 to $75 Or it is the same as the Month to Month pricing.

Show Fee for those in Regular 1 Lesson a week Package (D)
(see package D for more info )
Horse show lease $250 a show
( NO minimum If you book 3 or more shows you pay for shoes)

and Trainer Fee $50 to $75 Or it is the same as the Month to Month pricing
Trailer fee $60 full trailer $75 1 horse
Schooling at a show is $75 (if you enter a class it's not schooling it's showing)
and $60 trailer fee for horse management makes trailer arrangements.

IHA Western Pleasure, IHA English, IHA Gymkhana, Hidden Pond English,
Hidden Pond Dressage, as well as NBHA, NPBA and Fun Shows, IBRA, and USEF shows.

For more advanced riders we have QH, APHA, ApHC, all disciplines
and National and Regional Barrels and Poles out of state.

If you plan on showing you need your own halter, lead with chain, trailer
tie, hay bag, lunge line if needed and lunge whip and bucket. We can
supply bridle and saddle the first year, a show pad and horse boots are
your obligation along with Slinky and sheet. A grooming kit if your leasing
and or showing is a must. Your own Fly Spray, Healthy Horse Care,
Lineament, EQ Fungus Spray, No Thrush, Durasol, Poultice, Hoof Dressing
and brushes. Ask your trainer for supply's you will need.

On the ground $15 group   ~   $30 Private 1/2 hour
Roping with the cow sled Clinics 3 or more Riders $55
One and Half hour and longer with more horses

Private 1/2 hour learn to Rope on Horseback $55
Private 1 Hour learn to rope on horse back $75

Teaching the horse to Rope $55 1/2 hour

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